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I Spy Detective Agency, Hire a Private Investigator Cheltenham

Private investigator Cheltenham. Do you need one? We offer the very best private investigator Cheltenham. All of our Private investigator Cheltenham use the best covert investigation kit on the market. Please call your local office on 08000029153 now to instruct a private investigator Cheltenham.

Here at I Spy Cheltenham we pride ourselves in providing both private investigator Cheltenham, and corporate investigators in Cheltenham. It is safe to say that you are searching for a Private detective Cheltenham and a private investigator Cheltenham that operates with diligence, competency and discretion? I Spy Detective Agency, Private Investigators Cheltenham are prepared to tackle your issues. Here at I Spy we have the answer for you! You can find out more about our private investigation service here

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If you need the help of a private investigator Cheltenham or the Surrounding areas please call us today on tel:+448000029153.

Remember we only use the very best Private Investigator Cheltenham

Uncertainty about sensitive personal or business matters, compromised security, sheer dishonesty, cheating, people and asset tracing are some of the reason that could push you to hire the services of a reputable Local Private investigator in Cheltenham or the U.K.

If you need a private investigator Cheltenham your in the correct place. We can also provide you with a local private eye Cheltenham.

At I Spy Detective Agency, Private Investigators Cheltenham, we take pride in our well-honed team of private investigators, who are well conversant with their work. Our commitment is to find solutions as fast as possible. Even so, we don’t take short cuts just to give you quick results. 

Our operations are guided by best investigative practices backed by tangible proof.

Choose us whether you are faced with a domestic dilemma or a corporate scandal. We not only do our homework well, but we have the resources to conduct comprehensive investigations. At I Spy Detective Agency, Private Investigators Cheltenham, we boast of a top notch investigative team with relevant backgrounds in covert, intelligence and detective work. When you choose us, we guarantee you some peace of mind and utmost confidentiality. We are all over Cheltenham and the U.K. Check us out today!

Hiring I Spy Detective Agency, Private Investigators Cheltenham


Maybe you have a delicate, hazardous or outrageous issue that you need to locate a snappy and enduring answer for. In the event that the idea of the issue is keeping you down, we will bear the weight and your stresses as well. No embarrassment or matter is too enormous or little for us. We have concocted and cleaned strategies that make our observation, examination and recognition abilities emerge from the rest. We set aside opportunity to tune in to your circumstance, and we will offer consolation in the most ideal way that could be available.

If you want excellent Local Private Detective Cheltenham services look no further. We offer customised services that suit your situation. We don’t use a blanket approach to every matter before us. This way, we offer solid assurances and deliver the end result you are looking for. Our portfolio speaks volumes about similar cases we have handled in the past, and how we have provided exceptional outcomes for past clients.

When we say we have the best private detectives, we would not joke about this. We contract our masters dependent on their insightful capability and their relational capacities. We need to keep up our expert methodology while keeping an amicable picture. We are compassionate when researching a missing individual, and we are steady on the off chance that you need to disentangle instances of corporate extortion in your association or organisations.

I Spy Detective Agency, Private Investigators Cheltenham stand out from the crowd! 

In Cheltenham, there are dozens of private investigation agencies and investigators that offer Private Investigators. We stand out from our competitors on several fronts. Our diverse range of services makes us your one-stop shop when you want meticulous investigation on whatever issue at hand. We run operations in a refreshing, responsible and reassuring manner. Check out our website and discover the array of services we offer round the clock. Fill out our online form or call our free contact number for a free consultation. We have you covered whether you require private or corporate investigations done.

We also offer a vast number of private investigation services in the local area such as debugging services, background checks, business investigations, unfaithful partner services, GPS vehicle tracking services, lie detector tests and proof of cohabitation services.

Our private eye Cheltenham team are very customer focused and only provide the very best in private eye Cheltenham services. Please if you require a private eye Cheltenham call us now on 08000029153

If you need a Private Investigator Cheltenham call us now.


Christopher John

"I used I Spy last year. I owe a lot to this private investigation firm”


Lora Spielberg

"Very good service, five star treatment”


Jessie Olive

"Thank you John your amazing”


Pam Lipton

"Simply the best firm of private investigators i have ever used in the UK”

Private Investigator Cheltenham Area

With us and every private investigator Cheltenham, we prioritise discretion when handling personal matters. Whether it’s a case of infidelity, dishonesty, background checks or dating fraud, we will keep it confidential. We make realistic pledges and we never exaggerate what we can do for you.

We Are Open-Minded

Regardless of the private or commercial issue in hand, we are always ready. We provide privacy sessions and we readily provide additional info regarding our methods and protocols. When you call, our responsive staff will give valuable advice free of charge. Our long list of high-profile individuals, companies and entities is living proof that we are tried and tested.

What You Get from Us, Your Local Private Investigation Team in Cheltenham

When you choose, I Spy Detective Agency, the leading provider of Private detective Cheltenham and private eye Cheltenham you stand to benefit from polished industry tactics and a matchless customer service. We guarantee you more including:

  • Highly practised and proficient investigators.
  • Access to legal and open source intelligence.
  • State-of-the-art investigation technology.
  • Dedicated forensic and intelligence specialists.
  • Intensive local coverage and knowledge.
  • Fast resolution.
  • World class private detective Cheltenham services.
  • Tangible evidence provision.
  • A dedicated private detective(s) from start to finish.

Unlike our competitors, we highly value best practices and we never offer shortcut solutions. We only use the very best private detective Bath can offer. We never up sell or push you to subscribe for services you barely need. Our local  private eye Cheltenham and  Detective Agency, Private Investigators Cheltenham personnel are highly vetted; you don’t have to worry about compromised reports or leakages. Our detective work doesn’t rely on theory only; we do intensive groundwork to provide you with logical and fool proof results. With us, each case is handled uniquely with appropriate methods and strategies.

Why Choose I Spy Detective Agency, Private Investigators Cheltenham

When you choose, I Spy Detective Agency, Private Investigators for your Private investigators Cheltenham needs, you get to enjoy the confidence that you are partnering with a trustworthy company. We have a track record spanning many years of reliable service delivery. We are compliant with industry regulations, and we have the necessary insurance and accreditation. Our success rate for previous cases is above par and we never take on client cases for the sake of it.

Contact us if you are looking for a private investigation agency that emphasis on comprehensive detective work, discretion and excellent customer privileges. We never hire third parties to handle or advise us on how to manage our operations. What’s more, we never leave a trail of your investigation. We have sensitive paperwork once we are done investigating.

The Most Preferred Local Private Eye Cheltenham Outfit

At I Spy Private Investigators, our mode of operation makes us one of the most preferred local private eye Cheltenham outfits. We handle every client query with the seriousness it deserves. We deploy a senior investigation specialist to oversee each assignment from start to finish. If the case is complex, we assess it and decide whether to dispatch two or more experts. We work closely with you as the client and if deemed appropriate, we will involve your legal adviser or solicitor.

Our operations progress in a systematic manner. We will provide relevant evidence in an organised manner. We ensure that it’s documented in a way that it can be used in a legal proceeding or to make relevant claims where necessary. Our top-flight investigators and forensic experts never falter. We never stop until an amicable, logical and believable solution is found.

We Provide Personalised Approaches Via Our Local Private Investigation Team in Cheltenham

As a leading player in Cheltenham private investigators arena for many years, we strive to marshal our reputation as time goes. We are committed to providing personalised approaches in matters touching on Intel gathering and filtering. Our forensic experts have the best problem-solving skills, and we strive to look for solutions collaboratively. Our objective is to deliver quick remedies that help resolve pressing situations with the help of sound legal advice. If you want to prove our capabilities, contact one of our dedicated Private eye Swindon investigators today.

Competitive Security and Intelligence Edge

I Spy has maintained its competitive edge due to its well thought out approach when dealing with clients big and small. Our mission is to safe guard our customers and their interest. We understand that clients value privacy, sensitivity and professionalism. With us, you enjoy some peace of mind knowing that our competitors can’t offer what we provide by a long shot. We are particular about hiring knowledgeable experts, who are committed to delivering according to the client’s specification.

In Cheltenham, we rise above shady and underhand dealings anytime we take over investigations into a given issue. We embrace globally accepted standards in the private detective work landscape. We are the go-to agency whether you need to investigate or trace people, assets or data. Talk to us anytime and our highly regarded Private investigators Cheltenham specialists will be on hand to guide you.

Competitive Pricing for Private Investigators in Cheltenham

Just as a reminder, if your in need of a private eye Cheltenham please call us now on 08000029153.

When other detective agencies in Cheltenham want to squeeze your wallet dry, we don’t. We understand the need to provide quality services at affordable prices. Our quotes are straight forward and fixed. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees, and our experts will walk you through our billing methods comprehensively. We will never ask you to pay dirt-cheap prices for us to offer cheap services. Don’t take our word for it and read our reviews and testimonials online. Whether the matter is long drawn out or it’s as fresh as yesterday, we have you covered.

We are the leading private investigations outfit in Cheltenham. Call us today on the contact information provided on this page.

We do not just provide local private eye Cheltenham but also deploy them to all locations in and around Cheltenham.

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